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Universal Guitar Cabinet for high pretensions - Handmade in Germany
The Kulik Design Guitar Cabinet GC 412 not only convinces by its handmade German fabrication, it also has a unique sound which has no equal. The GC 412 is available as »General«, »Classic«, »Special« and »Custom« variations. The custom made Kulik Design special speakers deliver a sound which satisfies nearly every guitar player.
Price: 1,190.- EUR (incl. VAT)
The GC 412 is available with three different speakers: »General«, »Classic« and »Special«. For the undecided we hav the »Custom« version which kombines two different speaker pais.

The 412 is availabe wit h straight and slanted front. And for those who find the 412 to bulky, we can build a 1x12 or 2x12 cabinet on demand.

GC 412 General
Agressive trebles and pushing basses are a mark of the »Standard« version. The certain something comes from the lowered mid tone range which makes guitar players from the hard n heavy scene very happy.
GC 412 Classic
This model delivers the sound, that signafied the end of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's. The presence of the mid tone range is perfectly adjusted with the trebles and basses.
GC 412 Special
The best of both worlds. The »Special« speakers combine the sound of the »General« and »Classic« variants.
GC 412 Custom
In the »Custom« version, speakers with different characteristics can be combined, for example the »Custom GC« has two General spakers mounted at the bottom, and two Classic speakers at the top.
Type: Kulik Design Custom Speaker System 4 x 12"
Origin: Germany
Connections: Input (Mono Jack)
Dimensions: Height: 72 cm, Width: 76 cm, Depth: 36 cm
Weight: 38 kg
Best viewed in 800x600
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